Langtauferer Hof

Spa & Sauna

Relaxing in the reinvigorating waters of Hotel Langtaufererhof

After a busy day hiking or skiing in the crisp mountain air, our spa area on two floors awaits you for an evening of undiluted relaxation. The controlled temperature of the Finnish sauna and steam bath provide precious moments of pure tranquillity. 


The ice cave and emotional showers, Kneipp bath and cold room are sure to recharge your batteries! The juice-bar, gym and relaxation room, with its plush waterbeds, complete this regenerative oasis. Relaxed and satisfied after an idyllic day in the outdoors, abandon yourself to pleasant thoughts and nod off to a restful night.


Our Massages


Classic Massage

This is the ‘bestseller' of our massages. With manual stimulation, muscles are relaxed, blood and lymphatic circulation is increased, and mental relaxation encouraged.

Partial massage ca. 25 min. € 37,00
Full body massage ca. 50 min. € 48,00

Sports Massage

With this type of massage, special massage techniques are used, enabling relaxation of the muscles, and encouraging removal of lactic acid. Blood circulation is stimulated after exercise, reducing the recovery time of the body and helping to prevent muscle soreness.

Massage ca. 25 min. € 32,00

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is an extremely effective method for treating congested lymph and for detoxification of the whole body. This massage technique can also be used for pain management. Lymphatic drainage can provide significant pain relief.

Partial massage – legs ca. 25 min. € 37,00
ca. 50 min. € 48,00


The feet mirror our body. The experienced masseur activates and calms stressed organs, and can also alleviate pain and prevent disorders occurring. Tense muscles are relaxed and circulation improved, the nervous and endocrine system normalized, the body detoxified and general well-being improved.

Massage ca. 25 min. € 37,00

Tuina Massage

Tuina is a component of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Today, the concept of Tuina includes pushing, pulling and rubbing techniques, as well as acupressure, manual regulation of energy channels by rubbing, pushing, rolling and kneading, and mobilization and stretching exercises. The aim is to release blockages that could affect the body and mind. (may be painful)

Massage ca. 50 min. € 48,00

Dorn Breuss Massage

A gentle massage technique, through which undersupplied intervertebral discs are regenerated and become more elastic. The Breuss Massage is an extremely delicate method. A perfectly tuned back massage for the whole spinal region. The pelvis is readjusted by special massage techniques. Deep-seated and subtle blockages are removed and it is also extremely useful for spinal disc problems.

Massage ca. 50 min. € 48,00

Honey Massage

Honey has a purifying and disinfecting effect. Through special massage techniques, your back muscles will relax and at the same time, detoxify. Well-suited to blemish-prone skin. (involves pinching and pulling)

Massage ca. 40 min. € 48,00

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