Mountain Climbing

Discovering the unspoilt environment of the Ötztal Alps

Just outside the Langtaufererhof Hotel, is the starting point for a number of the ascents to the 3,000 m peaks in the area. Passing across moraines and rocky landscapes, more experienced climbers access the majestic peaks of the Ötztal Alps, the Weißkugel (3,739 m a.s.l.) and the Weißseespitze (3,526 m a.s.l.). From Melago/Melag, climbers arrive at Nauderer Hennesiglspitze (3,042 m a.s.l.), the home mountain of the Langtaufererhof Hotel, the Mitterlochspitze (3,176 m a.s.l.), Falbanairspitze (3,199 m a.s.l.) and Nockspitze (3,006 m a.s.l.), offering a splendid view from the top of the Weißseespitze

Anyone interested in observing wildlife in its natural habitat will be spellbound by the view offered by Tiergartenspitze (3,068 m a.s.l.). Reachable from the Maseben cable car mountain station on trail no. 19, the Tiergartenspitze area is populated with chamois and marmots.

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