Winter Activities

Cross-country skiing

Ski touring in the breathtaking Ötztal Alps near Hotel Langtaufererhof

To the east of the Langtaufererhof Hotel extending along the main Alpine ridge, lies one of the most breathtaking ski touring areas in the entire Alps embedded in the snowcapped Ötztal glaciers. Beginners’ itineraries include the excursion to the Glockhauser (3,021 m a.s.l.) and Gamsspitz (3,066 m a.s.l.), while glacier tours under the winter sun lead to Mount Großer Schafkopf (2,998 m a.s.l.) and Tscheyer Scharte (2,804 m a.s.l.).

More difficult glacier tours take visitors up the Weißkugel (3,739 m a.s.l.), Weißseespitze (3,532 m a.s.l.) and the Äußere Bärenbartkogel (3,409 m a.s.l.). Scaling the Freibrunner and Langtauferer Spitz summits (3,375 m and 3,526 m a.s.l.) is more challenging, testing even more experienced ski tourers.

Sepp Thöni, the senior owner of the Langtaufererhof Hotel, is himself a committed ski tourer. Always informed about the latest snow and weather conditions, to his guests Sepp is a reliable source of good advice (including the ski tourers among them). Besides providing them with essential information, he willingly shares the benefit of his experience in the form of tips or anecdotal advice.

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