The weather in Vallelunga

Weather situation

A low pressure system over Italy will have a marginal impact on the weather in South Tyrol.

Today, Monday 04. March 2024 Clouds and some sun
MIN 5° MAX 12°

The clouds will break up, allowing the sun to shine through in the south.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 05. March 2024 Sunny at first, later more changeable
MIN 1° MAX 12°

Apart from a few localised patches of fog, the sun will shine widely in the morning. In the afternoon, new clouds will appear from the south-west and towards the evening, precipitation is to be expected again, which will become more frequent during the night. The snow line will drop towards 1200-1000 metres.

Forecasts for the next few days

Weather situation

Wednesday will be cloudy and it will rain or snow at times. The snow line is between 800 and 1300 metres. Thursday will be mostly sunny. Morning low clouds in the Puster Valley will clear and in the afternoon only a few harmless clouds will appear. Friday will bring a mixture of sunshine and partly thick patches of high fog. Clouds will predominate on Saturday.

Wednesday 06. March 2024
MIN -1° MAX 12°
Thursday 07. March 2024
MIN -5° MAX 15°
Friday 08. March 2024
MIN -2° MAX 13°
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