The weather in Vallelunga

Weather situation

A low pressure system over the Adriatic Sea brings humid and cold air.

Today, Tuesday 19. September 2017 Cloudy with some rain
MIN 8° MAX 14°

Cloudy with some rain, especially in the North and East of the region. Snow line around 1500 m in the North. Partly strong wind in the valleys.

Tomorrow, Wednesday 20. September 2017 Partly sunny weather
MIN 8° MAX 17°

Cloudy sky with some precipitations in the northern parts of the region. Otherwise friendly and partly sunny weather. Strong North foehn in the valleys.

Forecasts for the next few days

Thursday 21. September 2017
MIN -2° MAX 22°
Friday 22. September 2017
MIN -2° MAX 23°
Saturday 23. September 2017
MIN 1° MAX 23°